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Rollomaximum Standard & Options

Standard equipment:
• Hydr. weight distribution
• Hydr. roller section Crosskill ø53/48 cm
• 4-row harrow section
• Spring suspended rear levelling board

Standard equipment:
• Crosskill roller ø50/45 cm rear
• Transport width: 3 m
• Road lights

Hydraulic weight distribution

A hydraulic weight distribution system is standard on Rollomaximum XL. Heavy duty rams transfer weight to the side sections achieving 100% even soil pressure over the complete working width.

  • Whell trac eradicator
  • Front cage roller
  • Rear cageroller
  • Air brakers

The spring suspended leveling board can be adjusted hydraulically, and in combination with the Crosskill roller it leaves a fine and consolidated seedbed.

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Hydraulic cracker board

At the front of the 9.30 and 12.40 Rollomaximum XL is a parallel suspended cracker board. The depth is hydraulically controlled while the angle of attack is adjusted manually by spindles. On the 6.20 and 7.50 models a hydraulic leveling board or crackerboard is fitted.
As an alternative to the crosskill rollers the Rollomaximum can be fitted with cage rollers. Front cage roller: ø50cm Rear cage roller: ø45cm
As an option a wheel track eradicator can be fitted.
Rollomaximum can be fitted with either pneumatic or hydraulic brakes.
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