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Dinco Standard & Options

Dinco Classic 3,0 – 3,8 – 4,7 m Heavy incorporator with shear bolts


Standard equipment:

· Heavy steel frame from 100x100x6 mm tube with 2 rows of tines

· 480 mm wide wing shares provide full cut, reversible point

· 800 mm under frame clearance

· 460 mm. discs infinitely and individually adjustable

· 500 mm cage roller for consolidating the soil

· Shear bolt protection of tines

Options: 600 mm T-ring roller, flat-ribbed crumber roller


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The 480 mm wide wing share provides a full width cut and even incorporation of the stubble. The shape of the share leaves a very flat surface. The reversible point reduces the wearing costs.
As an alternative the 480 mm wide wing share can be replaced by a 300 mm wide wing share.
For deeper cultivation a long narrow point is avaiable. The shape of the point makes it appropriate for loosening the soil. The reversible 50x20 mm point increases the life of wearing parts.

The angled discs cut through the soil and level the surface. The disc settings are infinitely variable and individually adjustable to suit all requirements. Each disc leg is protected with a shear bolt.

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